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Thanks and Testimonials from Patients

Testimonial from stroke patient

  • "Now I can go upstairs without touching anything." - 08/2005

  • "Now I can walk downstairs without touching anything." - 02/2006

  • "Now my affected leg can lift up." - 10/2005

I had a stroke a few years back and after about one year of different kinds of physical, speech, occupational therapies, I wasn't seeing much result from these therapies. However, I'd switched to acupuncture and now I can:

  • Hook up my own bra from the back (instead of this circuitous way that I was taught in the hospital of wearing it "backwards", hooking it, then "flipping" it to the front).
  • Well, type this letter, with BOTH hands, for one thing. Both of my hands were affected and I used to press on a key for too long (knooooow whhhhhhhhhat I meannnnnnnnnnn???).
  • Eat with a fork and a knife instead of only using a fork. I mean, Mac-n-cheese is good, but not THAT good!! Now, I take pleasure in ordering anything on the menu that I can cut!
  • I can cook everything I want! Back then, I was deemed only able to "stir" (notice I didn't say "make") cold fruit salad.
  • Other than walking "normally" and implement-free, instead of like a penguin and always thinking that I would fall, I can also go upstairs without touching the banister. This is a drastic improvement compared to my earlier way to negotiate them - hugging the banisters, walking sideways and one step at a time (with both feet landing on each stair - does this make sense?). For those of you old enough to remember, I can now "moon walk" (I can walk backwards AND my dropped foot is fixed), too.
  • Speaking clearly and in a normal speed. In short, effortlessly, just like you! If I had to recite nursery rhymes every day (speech therapy) and still speak slowly by now, I would have screamed!
  • I write the checks for the acupuncture sessions these days - not my husband. I used to be told to write big and print by the therapist, but not anymore! I have a normal-size "font" handwriting and I write in cursive, as I always had before the stroke.
  • Just this summer, during our first "air-conditioning" day here, I was able to have my hair up. I didn't have the dexterity to use a rubber band last summer.

As of right now, I only need to be able to walk downstairs (without rails, which I started to do slowly), fix my right knee (it was my "good" leg/knee but I had overused it for support back when my left leg wasn't working. In short, my left is now my "good" knee/leg!?), run at a jogging speed (to catch the elevator when the doors are closing when I really, umm, "gotta go"), and to walk downhill, even steep inclines (I am now able to walk down flatter inclines).

- Chris L. August, 2005

I am now able to walk down the stairs, just as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman says, "No hands!" No hands on the banisters, that is!

Also, I've conquered medium slopes (I was only able to do gentler slopes in June), so my own street and driveway (steeper) are next!

Well, running (at a jogging speed) so I ran catch the elevator when the doors are closing will be my last goal.

- Chris L. February, 2006