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Thanks and Testimonials from Patients

Testimonial from 60 years old kidney stone patient

I am 60 years old man.

One day in June 21, 2020, around 3 AM, I felt sudden sharp pain on my lower abdomen after urination. The pain woke me up completely and became severe spreading from left kidney to pelvis. I felt my left kidney was broken and sharp pain was hard to bear. The pain was so severe to make me cry and groan. I took Tylenol but vomited it out due to pain induced nausea.

Dr. Du thoroughly checked my condition and symptoms using traditional Chinese medical examination methods. And then she carefully explained her diagnosis and planned treatment to me so I could be at ease. Based on her experience, Dr. Du diagnosed that my pain was caused by kidney stone.

Dr. Du prescribed Chinese herbal medicine to treat my specific condition. Dr. Du explained that the Chinese herbal medicine that she prescribed for me helps to alleviate the inflammation and accelerate circulation inside my urinary system and eventually helps to squeeze the kidney stone.

I followed Dr. Du's instructions, and gradually I felt the pain less and less. I felt well enough to fall asleep and finally get some rest during the day, and I could even eat normally without vomiting anymore.

Before dawn on next day, I was able to urinate the kidney stone that was the size of 4 millimeter diameter by 1 centimeter long.

Dr. Du rescued me with her decades of medical experience. She was able to provide me with a fast and accurate diagnosis, and treated me using Chinese medicine without any invasive medical procedures. Especially with the COVID-19 situation, my age and underlying medical conditions put me in the higher risk group, so I am so glad that Dr. Du helped me so quickly and saved me from having to endure the pain for a long time, and saved me from the hassle and expenses of going outside to the emergency room.

After only one day, I was fully recovered and back to normal. The kidney stone was squeezed out and all of my pains were gone.

Thank you Dr. Du for saving me! I am very impressed by your medical skills. And I am very touched by your sincerity!


June 28, 2020