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Thanks and Testimonials from Patients

Testimonial from infertility problem patient

I would like to thank you, first of all, for the great of joy you have brought to me. I'm now a very happy mother of a healthy boy, and I'm pregnant again now.

I came to see Dr. Du, in March 2002 after being recommended by a close friend of mine. At that time, my husband and I had been trying over three years to get me to conceive with no luck. We had been on the long and uncertain road of infertility treatment on and off for about two years.

After the initial one year of charting and timing, trying to get pregnant naturally at age 33, my husband and I went to see my OB/GYN, then several specialists for conventional infertility treatments. I started with Clomid 50 mg daily, increased to 2 x 50 mg each day. Despite the medication and regular ultrasound scans, we failed. We were desperate. One side is our strong desire of having our very own biological child, the other side is the potential drawbacks of even stronger fertility pills I might have to take should we decide to continue down the path of conventional protocol. Increased risk of ovarian cancer, twins, triplets, to name a few.

That was the time when we first heard about Dr. Du. We had hardly any knowledge at all about acupuncture and Chinese medicine at that time. Since it was a recommendation from a trusted long time friend and our longing to conceive naturally, we made up our mind, a best decision of lifetime. We decided to see Dr. Du.

I still remember my very first visit. Dr. Du welcomed us with a smile on her face. She checked my pulse, looked at my tongue and asked in details about my medical history. I left her office felling encouraged with a real hope.

I started feeling my body becoming stronger and healthier after about a month of my two-three times a week office visit, receiving a combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In about four months, I found myself pregnant. That was an early Monday, I remember, how trilled we were when my test result showed up as positive.

Dr. Du, both my husband and I can't say enough how grateful we are. You have completely changed our lives.

- Jane