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Testimonial from hemorrhagic stroke patient

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As a result of his hemorrhagic stroke in 1994, my husband John has aphasia and right hemiplegia. He has had no use of his right hand and arm. He was walking with a cane until March 16, 2002, when he fell and had to have a right hip replacement. A blood clot in the same leg further disabled him and 18 months later he was still in a wheelchair.

After his first acupuncture treatments with Dr. Du, the speech therapist noticed less paralysis on the right side of John's face. His speech is improving faster than before he started acupuncture, with better word retrieval and sentence formation.

He still uses a wheelchair, but he is walking again at home with the aid of a four-point cane. Acupuncture has helped him to strengthen his right leg for walking and he is beginning to be able to move his right arm.

John is pleased with the treatments he is receiving. They make him comfortable and have contributed to his rehabilitation. We would recommend that any stroke survivor hoping to improve the quality of life and to be more independent give acupuncture a trial.

- Leslie