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Testimonial from facial paralysis patient

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I am a diabetic woman in my early 60's who has been treated by Dr. Kimberly Guorong Du for Bells Palsy (facial paralysis) since November 2004.

My first occurrence of Bells Palsy was on my right side in October 2001. I tried a number of western medicine treatments with very little results. The western medicine treatments I received included anti-viral medications, prednisone, facial massage, electro-stimulation, some acupuncture from a western practitioner, and consultation and treatments from a center that specialized in facial paralysis. After a three-year course of these varied treatments, I had regained some movement on the right side of my face, but was never completely recovered.

My second occurrence of Bells Palsy was on my left side in September 2004. I was placed on anti-viral medication and prednisone. On my own, I sought help again from a center that specialized in facial paralysis. There I received instruction on facial exercises and received electro-stimulation treatments. For this second occurrence of Bells Palsy, those treatments produced only a small improvement.

Then, in November 2004, I decided to try authentic Chinese medicine. I made this decision in part because of very successful results I had a few years ago when a Chinese doctor provided me acupuncture and other treatments for a serious neck injury. I began seeing Dr. Du two or three times per week for acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments. I immediately liked Dr. Du's conservative and caring approach. She reassured me that she had worked with patients with my condition before and was confident that she could help improve movement on both sides of my face.

Dr. Du has been especially careful to tailor my treatments due to my concurrent diabetes. After about only four months of treatments Dr. Du has done more to restore my facial functions than anything I had tried before. Dr. Du advised me that restoration of the right side of my face where the older, first Bells Palsy episode occurred would be slower, but she was confident that with time, that side would be greatly improved, and I have seen improvements already. Dr. Du advised that the newer, second Bells Palsy episode on the left side would be easier to treat and restoration there has indeed been faster.

The bottom line for me is that Dr. Du's treatments have offered me hope that I will eventually recover from the Bells Palsy. I've seen great progress thus far thanks to Dr. Du and Chinese medicine. The earlier you see Dr. Du for your Bells Palsy, the quicker your recovery will be. I also believe that Chinese medicine practiced by a Chinese practitioner is much more effective than similar treatments provided by a western practitioner. When compared to western practitioners using Chinese medicine, it seems to me that a Chinese practitioner like Dr. Du has a much greater understanding, skills and experience in the methods being used making those methods much more effective.

I am very grateful for the hope and recovery that Dr. Du has given me thus far. She has my highest recommendation.

- Kay C.