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Thanks and Testimonials from Patients

Testimonial from chronic pains patient

Both my wife and I have chronic pain conditions. I have chronic pains in my neck, shoulder, back, hip, knees, ankles and stomach; also I have frequent urination. My wife has chronic pains in her neck, shoulder, low back, thigh, knees and ankles. Sometimes we were unable to work because our pain conditions. We went through conventional treatments, such as painkillers, physical therapy, chiropractor and surgeries, but we were still in great pain and could not sleep. So we started to try acupuncture.

Fortunately we found Chinese acupuncturist and herbal Doctor Kimberly Du. We have received Chinese medical treatments, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping. Also we have used the Chinese herbal formulas for internal and topical uses that were carefully administered by Dr. Du according to our individual conditions. With each treatment, she explains in details about what she does.

Since we received her treatments, both my wife's and my pain conditions have improved. Our pains were relieved. Dr. Du made us feel very comfortable and at ease each time of our treatments. It is amazing that Chinese medicine is so effective for pain relief.

Dr. Du is not only our doctor and also became our friend. With her sparkling attitude and fantastic sense of humor she shows how much she enjoys her work.

We have recommended Dr. Du to several peoples and will continue to recommend her.

Thank you, Dr. Du.

- Robert and Mona Z.