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Chinese Dietary Therapy

Almost all complementary therapists recommend dietary therapy as part of their treatment, for it works both on a preventive and a therapeutic basis. Specialized diets may be used to treat particular problems; overall, dietary therapy is aimed at improving general health and well-being.

The idea that food is also medicine is deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. Chinese medicine has a unique way to assess foods. Practitioners not only look at nutritional components, but also consider the food's color, taste, texture and shape. Foods with specific colors and tastes nourish specific parts of the body and correct specific imbalances.

The balanced diet in Chinese dietary therapy means that people should eat foods of various flavors, energies, and organic actions rather than concentrate on a single flavor or energy. It is also very important to select foods according to the four seasons and physical constitution.

Treatments include food recommendations and special dietary changes to relieve and cure many disorders.