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Testimonial from migraine patient

For almost two weeks, I had a serious headache and couldnít sleep. My primary physician diagnosed it as a classic migraine. Initially I was instructed to take Advil for pain relief. It did help me to sleep, but I had to rely on it 24/7. After one and half weeks, the situation didnít improve a bit. My primary physician then prescribed Imitrex, 100 mg for me to take as needed. Just like taking Advil, I couldnít do anything without it. The worst was that it was not as effective as expected for me. My primary physician told me that most likely I would have to live with it and take the painkiller for a quite long time.

I was told that a lot of people in this country have migraine and take painkiller on the daily basis. I was also scheduled for a CT scan of my brain, just to make sure there was nothing like brain tumor. I was really hesitating about taking this test. My belief was that people should always try to avoid radiation whenever it is possible. I started to look for alternative treatment, such as Chinese medicine. A friend introduced me to Dr. Kimberley Du, a Chinese medicine practitioner. Dr. Du first prescribed three doses of Chinese medicine with one dose every day (3 times a day in liquid form). I felt somewhat improved after 1st dose, and much better after the 3rd. Dr. Du further prescribed another two doses for me. I was fully recovered after the fourth one.

I was really amazed by the effectiveness of Chinese medicine, and obviously also by Dr. Duís knowledge and experience. Thought other people who are suffering from the similar illness may benefit from knowing my story, I decide to write this short paragraph.

- Helen C.


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